3 Major Retirement Planning Mistakes To Avoid


It is important to start planning for your retirement as soon as you start your working life. Starting your retirement planning early will give you the space you need to make smart financial decisions. Your retirement plan isn't just about the money that you save to use for retirement, it is about mitigating your financial risks along the way so you can have a financially successful retirement. Mistake #1: Retiring with a Lot of Debt

12 August 2020

What Is Financial Model Portfolio Building?


When people engage in structured financial planning, they're often encouraged to build their portfolios around their circumstances and goals. For example, a 25-year-old planning for retirement is likely to use a lower-risk and longer-term strategy than a 45-year-old who's just getting started toward the same goal. The 45-year-old has to make up for lost time, and that means a portion of their portfolio has to be aimed at building wealth faster.

28 July 2020

What Should High-Income Individuals Know About Tax Planning?


If you've recently crossed over into the category known as high-income, you may be wondering—what now? Once you've broken out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle and are able to fund all of your needs and many of your wants, it can be tougher to find direction when it comes to your finances. And the last thing anyone wants is to hand over even more of their hard-earned money to Uncle Sam.

30 June 2020

When You Might Need An Investment Manager


If you are a person who has never had a great deal of wealth or never thought about having someone help you manage the wealth you do have, you may be missing out on the help of an investment management service. Get to know some of the situations in which you might need an investment manager. Then, you can better decide if investment management is the right choice for you and your current financial situation.

18 June 2020

High Net Worth Women Driving Sustainable Wealth Management


Men no longer rule the investment world — women are investing more of their wealth in sustainable investment themes than men. The rise of female affluence and influence on investment decisions is one of the most important themes to emerge in wealth management. Although women only control one-third of the world's wealth, they are growing their wealth at a faster rate than the overall wealth market. As women align investment goals and values, the rise in women's wealth is changing the world.

22 May 2020

5 Attitudes That Ensure Your Success In Credit Counseling


For many Americans who have ended up with unmanageable debt, credit counseling services can be the lifeline needed to get back into a healthy financial shape. But in order to really and lastingly benefit from credit counseling, each client will need to come into this project with the right attitudes and outlooks. 1. Take a Long-Term View. Credit counseling is not a quick-fix solution to anyone's debt issues. It generally involves learning to make lifestyle changes and committing to a steady, long-term path to financial freedom.

2 April 2020

3 Things To Know About Investing In A 1031 DST Exchange


A 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) exchange is a type of joint real estate ownership fund that allows investors to purchase and sell real estate using tax-advantaged transactions. Each investor contributes a specific amount that goes towards the purchase of a property, and the remaining balance is financed via a loan. The trust for the 1031 DST exchange is the borrower, not the individual investors. If the property is bought for cash flow rather than solely for appreciation, each investor will receive their share of the monthly cash flow.

19 March 2020