5 Attitudes That Ensure Your Success In Credit Counseling


For many Americans who have ended up with unmanageable debt, credit counseling services can be the lifeline needed to get back into a healthy financial shape. But in order to really and lastingly benefit from credit counseling, each client will need to come into this project with the right attitudes and outlooks.

1. Take a Long-Term View. Credit counseling is not a quick-fix solution to anyone's debt issues. It generally involves learning to make lifestyle changes and committing to a steady, long-term path to financial freedom. To succeed at this type of debt solution, you must be prepared and committed to making the needed changes for many months or even years.

2. Provide Complete Information. To create a good payment plan for your debts, the credit counselor needs to know the whole picture of your finances. If you have multiple forms of debt — such as different credit cards, title loans, or personal loans — you may have trouble putting it all together or facing it. But the more complete your information, the more you and your counselor can create a plan that's right for you.  

3. Be Open to Ideas. Sometimes, the solutions to certain debt problems are relatively easy to see. Other solutions may not be something you've considered or want to do. But remember that your counselor has worked with many other Americans before and has seen what works. So, be open to new ways of approaching debt management or even to seemingly radical solutions that may jump-start your repayments. 

4. Don't Be Shy. While you don't need to share your life story with any credit counselor, this isn't a time to be shy about your financial challenges. Remember that the counselor's goal is to help you improve your life. To do that, you may need to put aside any embarrassment over your debt or even talk about mental or emotional challenges that make debt management difficult for you. Trust them to be part of your debt recovery team. 

5. Be Determined. Unlike some other forms of debt relief, such as bankruptcy, the hard work for a debtor in credit counseling is upon themselves. You must be ready and determined to do the leg work, to work hard toward your own progress, and to reach your goals. Credit counselors and debt management plans support your efforts, but they cannot replace them. Be your own biggest cheerleader in this game. 

If you're ready to tackle your debt obstacles with these positive actions and attitudes, credit counseling could be right for you. Want to learn more? Make an appointment with a credit counseling service in your area today. 


2 April 2020

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